Reservoir Cleaning

Location – Ryde, New South Wales

Client – NO-DES /Sydney Water

Duration – August 2019

Project Overview:

Clearpro partnered with NO-DES to conduct a pilot trial for Sydney Water to demonstrate an innovative remote cleaning method for drinking water reservoirs. The treatment method utilises a robotic cleaning vehicle to remove accumulated sludge from the base of reservoirs at flow rates of up to 10L/s. The water extracted by the cleaning vehicle was initially treated using two Clearpro treatment plants and two holding tanks to remove the bulk of the sediment. Following the primary treatment process, water was pumped through a fine micron bag filter to reduce turbidity levels to less than 1 NTU, before passing through a UV filter. Staff from Sydney water where on-hand to carryout a multitude of water quality tests to assess whether or not the water was suitable for re-use in the potable water supply. The results of the trial demonstrated that the system was capable of removing accumulated sludge from the reservoir and producing water of a standard suitable for re-use in the drinking supply. Therefore, saving hundreds of thousands of litres of precious drinking water from going down the drain.