Stormwater Pipe Cleaning and Re-lining

LocationHamilton, Brisbane

ClientInterflow and Lendlease

Duration – 3 weeks

Project Overview:

Clearpro was approached by Interflow to assist with water treatment on a project involving cleaning and re-lining of approximately 600m of stormwater pipe. The project ran for 3 weeks and produced approximately 250,000L of water per day for treatment. The project was made challenging due to the cleaning process removing concrete slurry from within the pipeline, which resulted in extremely alkaline wastewater.  

Equipment used on the project included an in-line chemical dosing unit, clarifying tank, holding tanks and a containerised water treatment system. The water treatment system was able to continuously treat extremely alkaline (pH12 – 13.5) and turbid (>200 NTU) water to within the designated discharge criteria at a flow rate in excess of 500L/min. The head contractor Lendlease, required continuous data logging and alarm shut-down functions on the treatment system in order to guarantee water quality compliance.