We are a specialist water treatment contractor and system manufacturer based in Southeast QLD. We service the east coast of Australia, extending from Cairns, Queensland to Melbourne, Victoria. Whether you require mobile water treatment equipment for your dewatering project or a fully customised water treatment system for an industrial site, our team of experts will be able to develop a solution to meet your needs.

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BMD engaged Clearpro to help manage the discharge of a 32ML sediment basin on a large earthworks project. The stormwater within the basin had high turbidity levels due to dispersive clay soils and needed to be discharged into a sensitive freshwater stream. Nathan's knowledge and specialised equipment along with other hired plant was essential in allowing us to exceed our discharge requirements for the duration of the project.
Jack HillArea Manager, BMD Urban
Water Floc Pty Ltd have a very healthy working relationship with Clearpro and have modified several commodity chemicals to suite their particular application.Over a period of time we have noted the professionalism Clearpro have displayed with their well-designed, custom built treatment systems and their tenacity when dealing with difficult situations within the water treatment process.We are confident in saying that Clearpro have set themselves ahead of their competition through technical knowledge, honesty and forward thinking.
Vince FoleyWater Floc Pty Ltd
We regularly deal with the Clearpro team on a variety of projects and always find them to be highly professional. I never hesitate to recommend them to any of our clients whenever dewatering or stormwater treatment is required.
SEE Civil engaged Clearpro to work on a pipeline dewatering project in potential acid sulfate soils. I found the Clearpro team to be highly professional and able to offer solutions to any problems we encountered. Importantly they were able to look after both the water treatment and environmental compliance reporting, taking the hassle out of what could have been an ongoing area of concern for us.


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