We have a variety of Mobile Water Treatment units available for Hire in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast. We have Water Tank for Rentals. Send us an enquiry, or call 0401 208 481 for more information. To view our equipment in detail, you can view and download our Equipment Catalogue PDF by clicking here.

Clear Pro-1

Contanerised Water Treatment Plants

  • Potable and non-potable water treatment plants made to order
  • Treatment capacities of 4 – 6 L/sec
  • Autonomously provides pH adjustment and turbidity control
  • Able to be operated remotely with data logging and alarm functions.
  • Can be configured to automatically shut-down when discharge water quality does not comply with the relevant criteria
  • Removes common dissolved metals and suspended solids
  • Optional filtration attachments for improved water quality
dsr machine
Water Treatment Units

DSR In-Line Dosing Unit

  • Patented design
  • Capable of handling high flow rates
  • Can provide pH adjustment and coagulant dosing simultaneously
  • Units are custom made and can be modified to suit any pipe diameter and flow rate
  • Replaces much bulkier chemical dosing tanks whilst providing improved performance.
  • Can be coupled with multiple settlement tanks
  • Fast and simple set-up
tube setter services

Tube Settler Clarifier

  • Improved performance over regular settlement tanks.
  • Smaller than equivalent treatment systems due to improved efficiency.
  • Efficient settlement reduces coagulant dosage rates.
  • Improved effective flow rates.
  • Perfect for tight building sites.
Water Tank Rentals

PH dosing and settlement tank

  • Stand-alone treatment system for small-scale applications
  • Capable of handling flow rates up to approximately 3L/sec
  • Automatic proportional pH control
  • Simultaneous dosing of liquid coagulant and pH buffering chemical
  • Optional filtration capacity

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